Old Irish Clog

A fiddle tune from the playing of Patrick Bonner from Beaver Island, Michigan. 

Johnny Durocher's Blind River Breakdown

Johnny Durocher, a border fiddler from the St. Clair River (lived in Sarnia, Ontario). 


Walter Bartholome's Unknown Polka #2

Walter Bartholome's Unknown Polka #1

Bill Sparrow's Jig (Related to Tripping Up the Stairs)

Thanks for Jim McKinney for passing me the wonderful recording of Bill Sparrow playing this tune. Bill Sparrow was a fiddler from Ypsilanti, Michigan born in 1923. His father was a fiddler and as a child Bill got into playing fiddle, himself. Bill was sponsored by Henry Ford in getting more fiddle lessons. Check out the post here for more info about Bill Sparrow. 

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